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Warrenton Community Church's Beliefs


Our Vision

1) To permeate our community with the love of Christ
2) To proclaim to our community the gospel of Christ
3) To produce in our community true followers
           and disciples of Christ


Our Values


As God's people, we are called to hold to these core values:
1) God-honoring
2) disciple making
3) Bible based
4) grace oriented
5) prayer generated
6) outreach motivated
7) gift activated 


Our Purpose Statement


"Developing disciples as committed, faithful followers, in the work, ministry, and mission of our Lord Jesus Christ"



Constitution and Bylaws
Adopted August 9, 2005


The following three Articles are the Constitution of Warrenton Community Church and will remain unchanged for the duration of the life of said church.


Article I:  IDENTITY.


Warrenton Community Church is a congregation of Christians who have been called by the Holy Spirit to unite in submission to Jesus Christ and His teachings and to express their life in God. Warrenton Community Church is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) by obeying the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40). And always striving to be surrendered and submitted to the will, word, and ways of God.


Article II:  PURPOSE.


Warrenton Community Church exists to develop disciples as committed, faithful followers to the work, ministry, and mission of our Lord Jesus Christ.


(Developing) To gain a new awareness. Advancing from one stage to
the next. Daily striving to be more Christ-like.


(Disciples) A learner, pupil, follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, Receiving instruction through the Holy inerrant Word of God through the working


(Committed) To give of oneself in trust, to hand over custody and
charge to the Lord Jesus, faithful, trusting, dutiful to the instructions of our Savior.


(Faithful) True allegiance and loyalty consistent in worship! prayer, and service. Trustworthy, dependable, reliable, available, having honest integrity in all matters.


(Followers) An associate or dependent taking the Lord Jesus as guide in doctrine and example. Following His guidance and teachings to hold all things in common with Him.


(To The Work) Taking responsibility to put to use all God-given talents and gifts for the furtherance of His kingdom and to His glory according to His purpose and will.


(Ministry) Putting your spiritual gifts to usable, effective application, to make an eternal difference for the cause of Christ, always encouraging, equipping, edifying, and loving your brethren. The Body of Christ.


(Mission) Having a heart that beats for lost souls. Going "ye therefore, seeking that which is lost", that they may come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Loving the Lord Jesus with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Preparing ourselves and the world around us, as we watch at the gates for the second coming of Him that is faithful and true.

Love Never Fails

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